Welcome to Planetofnix.

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 /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /     /mmm/  /
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                         '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|     '-`  |_|
                        /mmm/        /mmm/        /mmm/

This server is part of the IRCNOW network of independent servers. As part of the IRCNOW network, we operate one of the IRC servers, and one of the virtualization hosts in the network. The goals of this network include providing documentation, support, and training to users who wish to learn to run and manage their own network servers. Freedom Of the Users, By the Users, For the Users.

Planetofnix also provides hosting services for the Minetest game, Exile. Specifically, the wiki, ircbot (locbot), and the development servers are hosted and managed by this team. The Public game server "Land of Catastrophe" is hosted by another IRCNOW network member - freeirc.org. Freeirc.org also provide the matrix bridge for the game channels.

Join the Team

Planetofnix is operated and maintained by a team of volunteers. In keeping with the goals of IRCNOW network, we encourage users to take the training to become Minutemin. Once complete, you can apply to become an admin on any team in the union. We provide everything you need for the training including a Homesteader Virtual Private Server (VPS) that you get to keep for free as an active volunteer.

Hosting Services

Most of the services provided by Planetofnix are free for users. As a means to cover our costs, we offer hosting services at low cost to paying users. You have the option to run your own VPS server which you manage yourself for $60/year. Managed services are also available for users that don't want to manage their own servers. Prices very by the project and services? provided.

Financial Support

Planetofnix operates through the support of its users. The equipment used has been donated or is included in our hosting fees. Details of our expenses and financial records are available. Currently, these expenses are mostly paid through donations. Any contributions are welcome and appreciated.