Free Services

  • IRC Server - Pubic access to ircnow network.
  • IRC Bouncer - Bouncer accounts supporting multiple IRC networks
  • Training accounts - Free shell accounts and training VPSes.
  • Documentation - Wiki providing free documentation for users to learn to manage their own servers
  • searx Searches - Coming Soon - Searx is an open source meta search engine designed for privacy.
  • Monero Node - Coming soon

Liberty Shells -- Coming soon

$3/month US ($36/year)

This service is still under development. The intent is to offer managed hosting services for small groups. This can be a family, small business, or private club. Hosting of public facing services will happen on the main server. The shell accounts will be hosted on a private VPS with public data being synced to the public server for hosting. This is all supported and maintained by the minutemin team. See Howto.RemoteShells for how this works or Howto.LibertyShell for an overview of what you get and some ideas on how to use it.

Comes with managed

  • DNS hosting
  • email accounts
  • XMPP accounts
  • Web Hosting of static pages. Website compilers available
  • git/got/cvs repo hosting
  • Shell accounts

Homestead VPS Hosting

$5/month US ($60/year)

  • Static IPv4 and ipv6 address
  • Self Managed - management services available.
  • Support via the minutemin bootcamp program.