Join IRCNow

Planetofnix is a member of the IRCNOW network. The primary goal of which is Freedom Of the Users, By the Users, For the Users. The Network is managed and maintained by volunteers from the community. Users are encouraged to take the training to become Minutemin. Once complete, you can apply to join any team in the union.

Volunteers are asked to contribute 5 hours per week on average and take their position and responsibilities seriously. Users are depending on us to keep the servers running and support them with issues as needed. In return, you get free access to the services we offer and gain real world experience you can add to your CV/resume. We will happily report your training progress, contributions, and experience. Opportunities to earn money may also be available if you can provide users with services not included in the basic hosting services we offer.

Fast Track Process

Your existing experience will be taken into consideration. If you already have experience with Linux or BSD, you can instead take a fast track challenge to prove you're capable enough to join a team. For this, we require you to setup the following services on a training vps we will provide you. Join the #planetofnix channel on irc and ask about training to join the team.

Additional links you may find helpful well working on these challenges are